Magazine Addicts Unite!

Am I the only person that is madly addicted to print magazines? Reading magazines online just doesn’t create the same feeling for me as turning the colorful pages and circling the things that I like. The last few months has been crazy busy for me. I have gotten behind on my magazine reading. By looking at the pictures, I am VERY behind. I think that I even have magazines from November that I have yet to read. My goal is to get up-to-date. The hardest part is that it seems like more magazines arrive everyday. Today, there were two in the mailbox (Martha Stewart Living & Jet).

The magazines that I subscribe to tells a lot about who I am and my personality.For starters, I am a huge foodie and can’t get enough reading new recipes and cooking techniques.(Food and Wine, Rachel Ray, Cooking Light) I am girlie and love reading about love, fashion, and relationship advice. (Cosmo and Redbook) I am preparing to be a wife, lol. (Martha Stewart Living, Woman’s Day, and Good Housekeeping) I aspire to save more and budget my finances better. (Black Enterprise) I enjoy reading and supporting local news. ( Nashville Lifestyles, Her, and NFocus)

I know many are thinking, “Wow, how can you afford all of those subscriptions?”… Well honestly, many were free to me. There are many websites that share free magazines every week.

Can you keep a secret?? There is a website called Hunt for Freebies that post links for free magazines. It was the best thing ever. Once you sign up, you get emails for more magazines. Some are good, some aren’t. Enjoy!!! Remember that addicts always want to hang out with others like them. đŸ™‚

Photo 1:NFocus-1, Nashville Lifestyles-3, Woman’s Day-5, Ebony-4, Jet-6, Black Enterprise-3, Saveur-1, Bon Appetite-1, Food and Wine- 1, Cosmo-2, Martha Stewart Living- 2, Her-1 Total=30

Photo 2: Cooking Light-1, Martha Stewart Living-1 , Cosmo-2 , Redbook-1, Good Housekeeping- 2, Black Enterprise-2, Everyday Rachel Ray-1, Food and Wine-1, Woman’s Day-1 Total=12

Sadness…. I also recently subscribed to Budget Travel…. Help! I am addicted to magazines.

Are you addicted to magazines? What does your magazine subscriptions say about you and your personality?

–Country Chic Chronicles


One thought on “Magazine Addicts Unite!

  1. I LOVE magazines! Mr. Bibb is practically addicted to food magazines. I prefer magazines with great writing. We go off and on with our subscriptions, but Esquire is a steady read for both of us (for me it’s like reading the opposing team’s playbook). We also like Garden and Gun (over Southern Living) and I get W free, though it’s really not my thing. We also keep up with locals like The Scene and occasionally Nashville Lifestyles. I buy a stack of fashion mags when the spring and fall issues come out (you know, the super thick issues) and those last me most of the year. I buy from newsstands more than I subscribe, though. I like Vanity Fair every so often, and at the salon I pick up the Town & Country or Architectural Digest to keep up with what the swells are doing.

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