Breakfast for Moi: Eggs

I remember reading in my recent issue of Woman’s Day that March was “Eggs Month”. So, it is only right for me to celebrate with having eggs for breakfast. I absolutely adore eggs. There are a million and one ways to prepare eggs.

I decided to make basic fried eggs. My pan rocks….no sticking allowed. I did add some butter to the pan, because butter rocks.

Next, I added the two eggs. I probably should have tried to cook one egg at a time.

As you can tell, both of the whites of the eggs started to merge together as they started to cook.

The eggs whites cook very fast.

I decided to attempt to separate the two eggs.

Flip, flip, flip the eggie.

My secret weapon. Lord knows that I love spicy food. Yes, even my eggs have to become spicy.

Added a few jalapenos to my eggs.

The eggs turned out yummy and just what I needed to start my day. Bacon would have only made it more awesome. I also need to find out where my white plates are…..

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather in Nashville today!

–Country Chic Chronicles


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