St. Patrick’s Day Plans…Beer, Yes!!

I am a person that absolutely loves holidays. I spend the entire month of August celebrating my birthday. This Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day. Originally known as the Irish holiday with four leaf clovers and wearing green.

It is currently known in the city has a party-filled time where people drink green tinted beer and cocktails.

Doesn’t this beer look yummy. Too bad the only beer that is ever given away for free at these parties are the Bud Lights, Miller Lite types. You won’t catch any craft beer being colored green for this drinking holiday. In Nashville, St. Patrick’s Day is such a drinking holiday, that they have free towing services provided by AAA to those people that elected not to have a designated driver. Always wise to be safe than sorry.

There are several of organized events going on Saturday. It is a good opportunity for the single gal to meet new guys for their rotation. Last year, I went to the 5 points Pub Crawl. I had a blast and meet a lot of new people. I am a huge fan of the bars in East Nashville because it is more casual. Sometimes, a girl needs a place that she can go to without going all out.

This year, I will be attending two events, so far. The agenda might change. I am looking for a day party/bar to attend. Thanks to Now Playing Nashville I will be attending the Main Street Brew Fest in Franklin, TN.

I scored two tickets to attend this beer tasting event. I love a good craft beer, so I am looking forward to tasting the different types of beers. There will be over 50 beer vendors and also some food vendors as well. Luckily, this event starts at 6pm. I will aim at being at this event around 5:30 so I can taste as much as I can and still make it to location #2. I will be sure to write a recap of the event after Saturday.

Later that evening, I am meeting up with gal pals in Downtown Nashville. The event is called Leprechaun Rampage….sounds interesting right??? It is being organized by the Music City Beer Society. They encourage dressing festival. So I expect to see fun and colorful outfits.

What do you plan to do on Saturday for St. Patrick’s Day? 

–Country Chic Chronicles


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