St. Patrick’s Day Fashion

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on Saturday. What do you plan to wear? Mainly the huge deciding factor on what to wear depends on where you plan to go to celebrate. If you plan to attend a classy affair or fundraiser, I would suggest a cute green cocktail dress with the back out. Oh yeah!. If you plan to bar hop or do a pub crawl, you make want to be a little more comfortable but still chic.

As I posted earlier, I plan to attend a Brew Fest in Franklin, TN and then hang out and do some bar hopping with friends later that night. I am deciding to wear something comfortable but dress with up with the accessories that I pair with it. I am still deciding on the jewelry that I plan to wear… I am trying to do the whole color-block thing. I am going to wear a green top, so I can refrain from getting pinched. I have the cutest blue skinny jeans that I am going to pair with the green.

What do you plan to wear for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you plan to dress up or down? Are you wearing green?

St. Patrick's Day Fashion


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