Louisiana Seafood in Nashville??

Yes, there is a place in Nashville that sells fresh seafood from Louisiana. Housed inside of the Nashville Farmers Market lies the Louisiana Seafood Company.

They specialize in fresh shrimp, crabs, and oysters, among other seasonal fresh seafood.

If you are a seafood lover, have you tried this place out yet? I am going to try this place out for the first time today. A full review will come after my visit. I am very interested in trying the crawfish. As a Gulf Coast girl, I am a converted lover of the mudbugs. Each time I return to Houston or New Orleans, I must have some crawfish.

Lucky for me, Nashville is getting more into crawfish. Last crawfish season in Nashville wasn’t entirely bad. A local restaurant, South Street, offers all you can eat crawfish on Sundays starting at 2pm. I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope to make it. There is even a crawfish festival. The Ragin’ Cajun Crawfish Boil is hosted by the Nashville Chamber. The event is in late April. The plus is that it is 21 and up and includes beer! Some of the local bars also hosted some crawfish boil fundraisers. I was able to support one last year at Tin Roof. It was a good time and I look forward to do more events like that.

Do you like crawfish??? Where do you buy yours in your city?


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