Foodie Review: Louisiana Seafood Company

After hearing about there being a place in Nashville that serves fresh Gulf Coast seafood, I just had to try it out. Well, Friday was that day. The Louisiana Seafood Company is a seafood market located inside of the Nashville Farmer’s Market. The company is from the Louisiana area and catches the seafood live from there.

The main attraction for me was the crawfish that they serve. After living in the Gulf Coast area for several years, I learned t o really enjoy crawfish. Now, I actually crave it during crawfish season. I am always on the prowl to find good tasting and spicy crawfish outside of the Gulf Coast.

When I learned that Louisiana Seafood Company sold live crawfish and boiled crawfish, I jumped on it. The mudbugs normally arrive on a Friday and they are sold throughout the weekend until they sell out. The price is a little steeper than the prices in Louisiana. My friend that lives in Baton Rogue actually joked with me about being excited about the price here. The Louisiana Seafood Company charges $5.00 a pound for boiled crawfish. This does not include the traditional corn and potatoes. The price was a little high given the fact that some bars in Houston offer “free crawfish on the patio” all of the time.

On to my review. When I arrived to the Nashville Farmers Market, it took a minute to find where the Louisiana Seafood Company was located. The place wasn’t busy when I arrived, but a guy and his two kids did walk up after I paid for my food. The employees seems very personable. I asked to try a sample of the crawfish, so that I could get an idea of what I was getting into. They graciously gave me a large crawfish to taste. The size of the sample was nice. The taste was ok, so I decided to go ahead and purchase 3 pounds. I took the crawfish home to really enjoy it.

By enjoy, I mean spread them out on paper and grab some beer. The best way to eat crawfish is with the understanding that your hands will get dirty! (So ungirlie) I always have to have some good beer to drink it down with. There is no other way!!! I can’t see eating crawfish with a martini or a Jack and Coke…

Many of the crawfish were of a good size. There were a few tiny ones in the batch and I guess that is to be expected. The temperature was average. I am sure if I ate the crawfish at the Farmer’s Market, it would have still been hot. Now the taste…. this next picture will sum up how I felt….

I thought that the crawfish was just ok…. I am a person that adores spicy foods. It could be the Texas in me and the lover of Nashville Hot Chicken in me too. I like my crawfish to be well seasoned and extra spicy. The spice makes you want to drink more beer…. A perk for the Beer Breweries. I ended up going into my cabinet to find my cajun seasonings. I mixed together the cajun seasoning with the cayenne pepper to add some fire to the crawfish. After I did this, the crawfish was much better.

Now, would I go back again??? Only if there is a large gap of time before I will travel to the Gulf Coast again. I could have saved that $15 and used it in Houston this week for hot and spicy crawfish. I am open to trying the crawfish at the Louisiana Seafood Company again. It could have been a fluke. The company is having a crawfish boil this summer and I would love to support them.

What are your thoughts on crawfish? Do you love mudbugs? Where do you get yours? How much are they per pound where you are from? Most importantly, what do you drink with yours?

Enjoy your Sunday!!

–Country Chic Chronicles


One thought on “Foodie Review: Louisiana Seafood Company

  1. If I may,

    My travels take me all over Louisiana every week as I have a hand in the crawfish industry. The price in Lake Charles, LA last week for boiled crawfish was $4.99/lb at SteamBoat Bills -an industry leader. The cheapest price was $3.49 at a boil-in-go -which are obviously ‘peelers’ aka baby-sized crawfish. Free crawfish are peelers, and gimmicks done by bars to bring in beer drinking customers. They zealously add loads of cayenne pepper into these baby-sized crawfish and watch as their customers call out for another one….another beer. I can’t say I would be opposed to such an experience.

    But, to my point….I doubt that a store bringing fresh seafood 750 miles up from the coast could do so for free and yet LA Seafood Co., still manages to do so for the same price currently seen on the Gulf Coast.

    Tasting some of those bugs this past weekend down at the farmer’s market might suggest they took your spicy advice….

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