St. Paddy’s Day Recap

How was your St. Patrick’s Day?

Main was warm and rainy in Nashville. The high was 80 degrees so there were high hopes of really enjoying the Main Street Brew Fest in great weather. It turned out to be very rainy off and on. But, I did not allow the crappy weather to hold me back and neither did all of the people who were partying in Franklin or drinking green beer in Downtown Nashville.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I scored free tickets to the Main Street Brew Fest in Franklin, TN. There was soooo much beer on that one street. I think that the rain actually helped out the crowd because there were shorter lines for the beer samples.

I am not a huge fan of lines, so I just wanted to try as many of the different beers that I could. I had to remember that I needed to meet with my girls later that evening Downtown.

Rain or not, it was a great time. I would recommend this event to others. The organizers even had trolleys out and taxis nearby to ensure that people made it home safely. I did see a guy that apparently had WAY too much to drink very early in the day… Luckily the girlfriend pushed her guy in a taxi and left.

There were over 50 different beers available to sample. The cool collectible item was a mini beer glass. The glass part was cool, but I was afraid of dropping it or breaking it.

Inside the glass is the Napa Smith Organic IPA. This beer was very tasty. They had the beer tasting everywhere on Main Street. Even in other restaurants. The Napa Smith was housed in JJ’s Wine Bar. I thought this wine bar was very cool. They have it set up where you start a tab when you walk into the bar. The employees will issue you a swipe card. You can walk around and sample wines that you like by using the swipe card. You can walk up to a station and select the amount of wine that you want poured into your glass. The bar also had different rooms too and it was a very relaxing.

I tried many different beers. Some were great and I would purchase them and some were pour-out-able.

I tried the Hap and Harry’s . I also tried the Yazoo’s Pale Ale and their Gerst.

There were several food items for people to snack on when they needed a break from drinking beer.

I also discovered that there is a Cajun place in Franklin. The spot is called Papa Boudreaux. I saw a guy sitting outside of the restaurant eating crawfish. I may have to try this place when I am back in Franklin.

Going to the Main Street Brew Fest was a great kick off for my St. Patrick’s Day night. Later that night, I bar hopped on 2nd Avenue with a group of friends. We started at Beer Sellar and ended at Wildhorse Saloon. It was a very diverse night.

What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day?

–Country Chic Chronicles


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