Loaning Appliances?

While reading the latest Food Network Magazine, I came across the most interesting thing.

Seriously, kitchen gadgets up for loan?!!! It was so funny that I share this article after I was making list after list of the items that I wanted to buy for my kitchen. I wonder if people really use this service and how it works out… I decided to check out the websites mentioned in the blurb.

The first website was Neighbor Goods. When you first go to the website, you are required to log in. I clicked the login tab and I was greeted with this lovely message.

Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

Not a good sign. Well, on to the next website mentioned. Household Network is the other website.

I am pleased to share that this website appears to be legit so far. The website describes the site as a place that  allows local neighbors and friends one place to lend items to each other, share experience, recommend local service providers and communicate about neighborhood issues or events. 

You have to sign up first to join the network and then you are able to post items and lend items.

Very interesting concept. Not quite sure if I am ready for a service like this. Neighborhoods have changed so much over the years. Back in the day, you could go ask your neighbor for a cup a of sugar and trust that they wouldn’t try to kill you. But now, you barely even know what your neighbors look like much less their names to ask for anything. I think a network of foodies/ food bloggers would work. There is more a community amongst food bloggers that a loan system could work. Heck, it could be one out there already.

Well, I guess that Food Network article was a bust. Back to lusting over my wish list and dreaming of Kitchen Aid mixers.

–Country Chic Chronicles



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