Friday’s Reading

So, what are you reading lately? As I have mentioned before, I subscribe to several magazines. I just subscribed to Rachel Ray last night because I found a link via twitter stating that it was free. Sometimes reading all of the magazines can be a little time-consuming, especially when I am really supposed to be doing other things. I started reading some of the magazines today. These are some of the magazines that have my attention at the moment.

I always make it a priority to keep up with the local publications. Sometimes it can be hard to find the local magazines because they are only distributed in certain areas of Nashville. I hate having to drive out of my way just to find an additional magazine to read. I got lucky when I found a copy of the April 2011 Her Nashville magazine at Edgehill Cafe this week.

I love Her Nashville because it is a small magazine with great content. The best part is totally the Her Confessions section. I am truly amazed by the thoughts of women. The other local magazine that I loved so much, I ended up subscribing to it to ensure that I wouldn’t miss an issue.

Nashville Lifestyles is an awesome magazine. It is packed full of local content. I can’t wait to read about the best restaurants that they consider in Nashville. I will have to write some reviews on those places soon after I check them out.

Who doesn’t like Mad Men??!! I have to admit that I was a little late to the Mad Men party. I just recently started buying the old seasons on DVD to catch up. I just finished season 3. I plan to purchase season 4 asap so I can watch season 5 on DVR.

I always love my foodie magazines. This issue is focused mainly on Vegas, which is a fun city. I totally need to go back again and try some of the restaurants this issue mentions.

Of course, I have my homemaker magazines. Gotta learn how to be the best housewife….lol.

I am really liking this magazine more and more. I remember thinking that this one was for older people….imagine my shock that I have become that “old person”… I will embrace my 30s and upgrade my reading.

This is the first issue that I have received from this new subscription. I love this magazine. The content varies and the style that they pick are usually affordable.

Well, so everyone knows what I plan to do on Saturday morning before the East Nashville Beer Festival. READING magazines and hopefully learning something new.

Which magazines are you reading currently?

–Country Chic Chronicles


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