East Nashville Beer Fest Recap

Saturday was an awesome day to drink beer. Well, everyday is a good day to drink beer. As I posted in my previous post, the East Nashville Beer Festival was held yesterday in East Park. I volunteered for the festival by pouring beer for Victory Brewery.

It was fun being around other beer drinkers.

People didn’t even want to leave after we issued the last call. There was an after party at 3 Crows. I didn’t attend and I do not see how those people that was at the Beer Fest all day was able to drink anymore…There was sooo many different beers to try. It was like a heaven for beer drinkers.

There were even peanuts.

It was a good mix of beers that I had never heard of before like this one, Dark Rain….

And beers that I see often at bars and stores like Sam Adams

I was pleased to see Shiner Bock in the building. It is one of my favorite Texas beers.

Lazy Magnolia was a brand was Mississippi that was pretty tasty. I tried the Southern Pecan. No complaints.

Some of the beers had good intentions. I tried Craggie once before at the Main Street Brew Fest a few weeks ago, so I decided to try something new.

I looked at the list of some of the beers they had for us to sample. The one that stood out was the Burning Barrel. Sounds good right?

Well the lesson for me was that everything that sounds good, isn’t….

The guys from Jubilee was near my volunteer area. I was able to sample their beer and it was quite tasty. The plus is that they donate some of their profits to charity. Jubilee also hosts an annual Hot Chicken and Jorts event….

If anyone loves the taste of bourbon, I would suggest trying the Kentucky Ale. It smells and taste just like bourbon. This booth was right next to mine, and it was funny seeing all of the Kentucky basketball fans walking up to try this beer.

Are you getting thirsty yet? Did you attend the East Nashville Beer Festival? What did you think about it?


–Country Chic Chronicles


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