Hump Day Thoughts

How’s your Wednesday going? Mine was a little less stressful. I started a new job on Monday and have been trying to cram content in and assimilate to the work environment as much as I can. I never thought that I would be doing this job here in Nashville. It is a very fulfilling job and I am looking forward to making a difference. Hopefully with this being Wednesday, I can finally get over this “learning curve hump” and the rest of the week will go smoothly like I’ve been at the job forever. Starting a new job always has it ups and downs.

“I need a girl from Music City” well it doesn’t say that, but I wanted to add my mix since I am from the greatest music city of them all, Nashville.

I have been loving Jason Aldean’s new song, Fly Over States lately. It makes me smile and tear up. I used to live in Kansas so this song is very touching to me. The MidWest is someplace very different from large cities like New York or Dallas. I listened to the Jason Aldean Pandora channel today at work and I just fell in love.

“miles, and miles of back roads connecting towns”

The bonus for me is knowing that he shot the video in Nashville (Smryna Airfield).

“You understand why God made those fly over states”

“Take a ride across the badlands.”

Which song are you loving at the moment?

In foodie news, The Chew was renewed for another season. Woot!!! I really enjoy this show and I am glad that ABC is giving it more time to develop. I enjoy seeing the funny cast cook meals live on the show. I would love the opportunity to see the show in person. I will have to put it on my wish list.

Enjoy your hump day folks!

—Country Chic Chronicles


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