Squatting to a Better Me

I have noticed that my life has gotten a little basic during the football off season. I need to focus my energy in other areas. I want to be a better person. I want to grow and do more in life. I have started by joining more volunteer organizations. I always feel better when I am helping others and giving back. I realized that since I am going to continue to live in Nashville that I need to make it my home. I need to regrow roots here. I need to find a circle of friends so that I can do the things that I enjoy doing with fun people.

First up, is working on my fitness. Working out is so hard for me to be consistent. Maybe it is because I have in such great health and there isn’t a major weight loss goal for me to obtain. I would like to tone up my body in some areas. I went to shape.com to find some of their workout videos for firming up your bum bum. I am hoping that since I have blog that I can use the writing to keep me accountable.


I’m going to try these videos to see how it works. Wish me luck.


–Country Chic Chronicles

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