Road-tripping with Country Chic Chronicles

This past weekend, I made the road-trip to Houston to attend my bffs baby shower. This is her first child, so I wasn’t missing the shower for anything in the world. Driving from Nashville to Houston is a long drive for people not used to long distance trips. I really enjoyed my trip for the most part. I was able to stop along the way to eat at new restaurants and have time to be alone with my own thoughts.

As soon as I arrived in Houston, I met my gal pal for some crawfish. We are both lovers of the cajun dish, so we always get together to try new places. We went to The Deck in Houston. The crawfish was nice sized, but was covered in a lot of salty seasoning. Would I go back? I highly doubt it, it was high on my list. I did enjoy the girl talk time over crawfish and beer.

The night before leaving Houston, I made sure to make a beer run. I love Saint Arnold and it isn’t just because I know the owner. The beer is awesome and it is the oldest craft beer in Texas. I first tried the beer while tailgating before my Houston Texans games. This fall, the new Santo came out and I instantly fell in love. Huge fan. They only sell Saint Arnold in Louisiana and Texas. When you are in one of those states check them out.

On the road back to Nashville, I had to make a stop for some breakfast tacos. This is something that I can’t get in Nashville. It is the perfect thing to eat when nursing a hangover.


I got my favorite bacon and egg and loaded with hot salsa and jalepenos.


What did you do this weekend?


–Country Chic Chronicles


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