Foodie Review- Crawfish Town

While I was on my road trip returning to Nashville, I had to make a pit stop while in Louisiana. Anyone that has been reading my blog for a while knows that I have a love for true Louisiana style crawfish. I found Crawfish Town by accident, but I am in love. The food was excellent.

I started off by ordering a Louisiana beer. When in Rome….


The beer tasted ok. It wasn’t my normal go to flavor. It isn’t something that I would want a whole case. I ordered 4 pounds of the hot flavored crawfish. When I tell you it was hot!!! I was instantly in love! The flavor was perfect and it wasn’t packed with seasoning on top.

Doesn’t these babies look awesome?

They even had a market where you could buy fresh seafood. I purchased some of the seasoning. I can use these for a shrimp boil or a crawfish boil.


Whenever I am back in the Breux Bridge area, I plan on stopping by Crawfish Town again.


What places do you have to visit on road trips?


–Country Chic Chronicles


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