What’s on your Sand Pail List?

The June issue of Better Homes and Gardens is all about the summer. I love the summer mainly because I am off during the summers and my birthday is also in the summer. I always have big hopes and plans of what I would like to do during the summer. Luckily, Better Homes and Gardens has a guide for me.

I will make the most of summer 2012.

I vow to do the following:

Get Out

– I want to spend more time outside of my house during this summer. That means more patio bars and restaurants for me. Time to explore Music City.

Get Culture

-I want to learn something new. This summer I vow to embrace my Music City. I plan to visit the Country Music Museum. For fun, I want to visit the Jack Daniels Distillery and learn more about the whiskey making process.

Get Playful

-I want to spend time at Party Cove. Very interesting that I heard a country song about party cove the other day. I plan to make friends with boat people and float the river and go boating.

Get Cooking

-I plan to make 3 new summer cocktails. I already have two in mind. I vow to bake more. The first thing on my list is cookies for the boy. I also want to make the perfect summer pasta salad.

Get Healthy

-Since I have already put myself on alert that I wanted to tone certain body parts, I will spend the summer working on just that!

Get Nature

-Nashville is a beautiful city, I plan to see more of it by finding walking trails. It will allow me to get in touch with nature and spend quiet time alone.


What’s on your Sand Pail List for the summer?


–Country Chic Chronicles


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