Online Shopping Addiction-

I just knew that when I started ordering stuff off of my wish list from, that I wouldn’t be able to stop. I have ordered 4 more items. Yikes. Someone stop me!

Here’s what I ordered:

I am so behind on watching the Lost series. I am now ready to jump into Season 5.


I have heard that the show 24 was pretty good. I guess this summer will be my chance to check it out.

I ordered 2 cooking related books. Watch out yall, my food related posts will increase this summer. I am so excited and I am ready to open up these suckers when they arrive.

In order to achieve “housewife” status, I got the Food Network’s How to Boil Water. It is supposed to be filled with pictures that will help me in cooking.

The second cook book was Anyone Can Bake by Better Homes and Garden. As I mentioned in my last post, I also ordered the Anyone Can Cook book from them also.


I am now putting a stop to all this online shopping.

Have you bought any cool things lately?


–Country Chic Chronicles


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