Shopping Packages Galore

Well you remember all of those online orders that I made, they have arrived. I am so giddy I don’t know what to do with my self. The sad part is that on Monday, I went to Opry Mills for the first time and walked out with 3 bags. Why are those bags still in my trunk? I guess I am thinking that if I don’t bring them in the house the money spent won’t count. I will post on those outfits soon because I got a new bikini that I adore.


I got three new DVD sets in the mail. I do not know which set that I am more anxious to watch first. I have grown to love Mad Men. I love the fashion and the guy actors. I am almost to the end of watching the Lost series and can’t wait to see what happens in the end. 24 is the only one that I haven’t watched yet.

My new cookbooks arrived in the mail. I love having these basic recipes. Once I get these down packed, the fancy and elevated recipes will come next. Sometimes, you just need the basics.

My new Nicole Miller sunglasses arrived. I can’t wait to wear them tonight at 12 South Taproom.


There is a new waxing place in Nashville. Now, Nashville seems to have a million on them around town. European Wax Center is new to Tennessee, they only have only 2 locations so far in Tennessee. I tried to check them out today but they were booked. I will check them out tomorrow and I can’t wait to review them.

Enjoy the rest of your evening! I am enjoying a cocktail I made with the new 360 Georgia Peach vodka, Minute Maid Peach, and fresh strawberries.


–Country Chic Chronicles


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