A Toast to Tennessee Wines Recap

This event was promoted as being :

UNCORK THE FUN at Middle Tennessee’s premier wine festival! Visitors will stroll from tent to tent sipping the rich heritage of Tennessee vines, savoring gourmet specialty foods, shopping for handcrafted items from local artisans, enjoying music, and attending our much-anticipated wine & food experience seminars.

One of the best kept secrets of this festival is how much time and energy it will save you by bringing all your favorite Tennessee wines right to your back yard!

An easy review about this outing is that many people love wine. It is obvious when some people get drunk…. quite comical in the middle of the daylight. There were way more Tennessee wines than I have ever thought of. Tennessee wineries are huge on fruity tasting wines. Me, not so much. Give me a good Cab, Merlot, or Syrah.


Luckily the weather in Nashville held up. There were several showers earlier that day. Perfect weather for drinking wine and standing outside.


Some of the wines were priced well. Majority of them were $15. There were others that were over $20. How much would you spend on a bottle of unknown wine?


There were several sessions held. We attended the first one that was on box wines. During the session, we were able to sample the different wines of the sponsor.

After the session, we continued tasting more of the Tennessee wines.




The local favorite is Arrington Winery owned by one of the singers from Brooks and Dunn.



Of course, Arrington had a long line.

Interesting name for this wine. I just had to snap a picture of it.


All in all the Toast to Tennessee Wines was fun. For the price, it was a good value. I will totally attend the next one.


–Country Chic Chronicles


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