Event Recap: Nashville Screenwriters Conference

This past weekend, I attended the Nashville Screenwriters Conference. I was gifted free VIP passes so I invited my friend from LA to come down and spend the weekend with me. She works in the tv and movie industry, so this conference was a huge networking event for her. I loved having the opportunity to represent my city to my guests. The entire conference was wonderfully done and I applaud the Hutton Hotel for everything they did that weekend.

The conference panels were very informative. I was surprised by the amount of “big deal” people that were in attendance. I loved meeting the writers and producers of my favorite television shows and movies. My favorite person to meet was the lady that produced and partly created Hell’s Kitchen. I totally love that show. I also got to meet the lady that created and wrote for the new show Nashville. I am really looking forward to that show coming on tv.

This conference didn’t just have awesome panels, it also had great social events. We were able to mingle with the panelist and enjoy some of the great tasting food in Nashville. Friday night was a party at the lovely Lee Ann Womack home. I completely fell in love with her. She was a wonderful host. She even complimented me on my dress. I was beyond shocked since it was something that I had just purchased from Blush Boutique earlier that day.

The coolest part of the party was the breakout jam session that came out of nowhere.  I did meet a new singer whose music I just love. She was so funny and full of life, I had to support her.

The overall weekend was amazing. My friends raved about the food, the parties, and the connections they made over the weekend. What else can I say, but Nashville rocks!!!

–Country Chic Chronicles


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