Weekend Trip- Houston Beer Fest

On Friday, I decided to escape from the CMA Fest crowd and visit my best friends in Houston for the weekend. I love my friends in Houston so I miss them a lot when I stay away for too long. Thankfully football season is coming up soon so I will be able to see my girls multiple times a month when I return to attend the football games.

The highlight of my trip was attending the 2nd Annual Houston Beer Festival. It was a complete tragedy last year due to poor planning. Everyone was eager to see if the promoters improved upon their mistakes.

Last year, there was long lines and the vendors ran out of beer early. I am pleased to say that this year it was much better. It helped that we arrived early too.

My review of the beer fest was that it was cool. There were more Texas based breweries which was a change from the Nashville beer festivals that I have attended.


The location was great because they had the ability to spread out the vendors. The saying is true, everything is bigger in Texas!

The location was in near the front of the Houston capital building and the theater district. The views of the Houston skyline was awesome.

There was plenty of food. I had some spring rolls that were yummy. This booth served crepes. How interesting.

The beer I tried.


The only thing that I didn’t like about the tasting is that it cost $30 and it wasn’t “all you can taste”. For the price of admission, you were given 10 tickets. To sample a beer it cost 1 ticket and for a full cup it was 4 or 5 tickets. You could purchase extra tickets for $10 for 10 tickets.


This was the cup that we were given.


Apparently, we had a great time drinking beer in the sun. After the beer festival, we continued the party by drinking beers and eating pizza at the pool.

Would I attend next year, yes! I am a lover of beer.


Have you attended any good beer festivals outside of Nashville?


–Country Chic Chronicles



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