Foodie Review: PM

Last night, I had the pleasure of trying out another Arnold Myint restaurant. I am a huge fan of his other restaurants, Suzy Wong and Cha Chah ( gotta love the sangria and brussel sprouts!). He also has a spot inside of the Nashville Farmers Market (AM/PM) that I have yet to try.

First impressions: The place is pretty cool. My group made reservations for 6pm and that was a great time to get a table for large groups. The customers were pretty diverse in everyway, which is something that I love. We were seated quickly although there was a minor hassle about adding one extra person to our party.

Once we were seated, I quickly asked about the happy hour specials. They offer different specials for different days of the week. For Thursdays, they offer 2-4-1 wells and half price off beers. I ordered a Yeungling. The regular price for the Yeungling was $4, so that price was ok for getting two.

Now onto the food:

I ordered the Shrimp Summer Rolls and the Spicy Scallop Roll. I was pleased with what I ordered. I had to order extra no thai sauce on the side.


One of my gal pals tried the Chicken Katsu. It looked way better than the description on the menu. I will totally order this when I go again.


After eating all of this yummy food, I am looking forward to checking out the Barry’s Bootcamp Grand Opening weekend.

–Country Chic Chronicles


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