Life Lessons

As my 31st birthday slowly approaches, I begin to think of some life lessons that are needed for everyone. My sorority sisters began listing some of their favorite lessons from life and I wanted to share a few with you guys.

  1. Everyone should not be considered a friend, but rather an acquaintance
  2. When one door closes God really opens up another door that is BETTER
  3. People can be extremely insensitive to others with no regard
  4.  To be yourself regardless of what anyone thinks or says about you
  5. That when men love men they really do! :):)
  6.  That when a men get divorced they are crushed often times more than women
  7. There are some things you should keep between you and God and take to your grave.
  8. Be grateful. There is someone, somewhere who is much worse off.
  9. All folks don’t have your best interests at heart. Even those who say they do.
  10. Laughing is good for the soul.
  11. Doing things for yourself instead of others is not selfish.
  12. Just because you don’t go to church does not mean you don’t love the LORD.
  13.  If you can not  have a good time by yourself, then how can you expect some else to have a good time around you?


In other random news, what doesn’t belong in this picture?


Happy Sunday!


–Country Chic Chronicles


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