Post 4th of July Chill Session

Today sure feels like the weekend. We have survived another holiday! My 4th of July was very cool. I woke up to a mini hangover due to the fact that I went over to Opry Mills to watch Magic Mike with a large group for gal pals. We laughed and cheered the whole way through the movie. I walked out of the movie thinking that all men should workout on a regular. After the movie, I stopped by one of my favorite bars in Nashville, Whiskey Kitchen. It was very packed and still time enough for me to enjoy the 2-4-1 specials that they offer on Tuesday nights. I sipped on my favorite cocktail of the moment- Amber.

Today, I just plan to relax and enjoy time at the house. I may even start reading this new book that I got from the library. Later this evening, I plan to stop by Dave and Buster to watch my “bff in my head” Sherrie Austin perform.

I will leave you will awesome views from around my house. I love living on my street. It is super peaceful and full of nature.




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–Country Chic Chronicles



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