Friday Favorites

Happy Friday peeps, we have survived a holiday week. Check out some of the things that caught my eye lately.

1.  Another blogger, A Spicy Perspective, wrote a piece on being healthy. One of the points really made me reflect on my visit to Barry’s Bootcamp here in Nashville. She said that “ If you feel like you are going to vomit when your workout is over, you’ve done good.” I promise that once I left Barry’s Bootcamp, I felt like vomiting. My body was in complete shock.

2.  There is a new website geared towards the female sports fan. Can you believe that the NFL season is only 35 days away?!??! I am a huge football fan. You guys will hear more about it once the season begins. One of the writers for Her Game Life recently wrote a post about female football pet peeves. I thought the peeves were pretty much on point. I may write my own as the football season is in full swing.

3. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pasta salad recipe. I have to come up with an excuse to make some now to test these two recipes out.  Both of these recipes look very simple and require easy to find ingredients.

The picture above is for Kraft’s Easy Pasta Salad. The other recipe is for a Paula Deen version of pasta salad.

4. I really want to get into Maxi dresses. I go on a mini vacation next week and this dress would work wonders. It is from one of my favorite places, Fringe and Lace.

What are your plans for this weekend? I hope to enjoy time with friends at lunch on Saturday and attending the Glitter and Glam fundraiser on Sunday.


–Country Chic Chronicles


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