Chicken and Brussels Sprouts

Happy Sunday! The weekend is almost over which sucks and we are almost to the half way point of July and it felt like it just started. This upcoming week is gearing up to be a blast. I am attending the Agape Animal Rescue Glitter and Glam fundraiser tonight. I will be trying out Park Cafe tomorrow with a bunch of foodies. I will be going out of town for a long weekend of hopefully wine, sun, and peace. I am also attending a baby shower in Atlanta on Sunday. So excited!


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Recently, I made some yummy and tender aka fall off the bones chicken with brussels sprouts.

My love for brussels sprouts started once I began going to Cha Chah and had Arnold Myint’s recipe. Arnold includes these in this recipe

  •  Marcona Almonds,
  • Thai Chili,
  • Red Onion,
  •  Smoked Vinegar,  and
  • Shaved Zamorano

His are to die for.

I have now started playing around with different mixtures to get my perfect recipe for them. I started by cooking some bacon. Only added bacon, because bacon makes everything taste better.

After the bacon was fried, I drained most of the bacon grease, but left some to add flavor to the brussels sprouts. I lightly sauteed the brussels sprouts leaves that I had separated.

After I lightly cooked the brussels spouts, I added in chopped bacon and crushed red peppers.

I paired the brussels sprouts with baked chicken. This meal was so fulling and yummy.

Enjoy your Sunday!

–Country Chic Chronicles


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