Passion for Fashion Recap

Have I told you lately how much I love Nashville? There are countless events each week. It seems that I have supported a charity event every week. Many thanks to the lovely ladies at Yelp Nashville for keeping me on the scene.

Recently, the Bootstraps Foundation had their first Passion for Fashion fundraiser at the Nashville City Club. The organization provides scholarships for kids that have faced adversity in their life. I can proudly get behind that.


The event included awesome food prepared by the chefs at the City Club. There was an open VIP bar. #Score!!! I was sipping on Jack and Coke all evening long.

There was a gift bag and reserved seating for the fashion show. There was also a silent auction that I totally scored on.

The fashion show was very impressive.

There were many pieces that I would actually wear in real life.

The hawt factor was the fact that they had some hot male models too.

Here are some of the items in the gift bag that I can use. Well, the Sperry’s gift card wasn’t in the gift bag.

I was lucky enough to choose the correct seat during the fashion show. There were five $50 gift cards scattered around room.

This is what I won in the silent auctions.

My brother in law is a huge Preds fan and he has a man cave that needs stuff from his favorite teams.

I think that he will love these items.


The after party for this event was awesome. It was at Helen Back on 2nd Avenue. It was a chic rooftop party that had a great view of Downtown Nashville’s riverfront. It was great to party hard for a cause.


Any great events coming up that you’ve heard of?


–Country Chic Chronicles


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