A Day on the Lake

One thing that I love about Nashville is that we have access to many lakes during the summer time.

Within 20 minutes, you and your crew can be enjoying beer while laying on your pontoon. Cue the Little Big Town song that has been stuck in my head.

Recently, a group of my friends, along with their friends joined up to have a summer yacht party.

The turnout was great.

Each person brought a dish for everyone to nibble on while we were on the boat. It was too funny, because we had loads of food. If we were to get stuck on the boat, we would have survived for many days. Women always go overboard during potlucks.


Everyone also brought their cocktails of choice. There was a mixture of beers to cocktails. I made my sangria again.

While we sipped on our cocktails and enjoyed the blazing sun, there was a band that played music.

After coasting out to the water, we decided to jump into the water. Since it has been outrageously hot in Nashville, the water felt amazing.


After the sun went down, we watched some awesome fireworks that the Mount Juliet Marina offered.


It was truly beautiful.


What a way to close a boating trip.


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