Finding Balance

I am soooo grateful for this long holiday weekend. Life has been sooo crazy this past month. Work started back on August 1st and then football season kicked off the first weekend in August with a trip to Canton for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend. I have been out of town each weekend except for this one. Last week, I celebrated my birthday in New Orleans and had a blast. I didn’t want to do anything this weekend but chill and relax at home. There was so many things that I needed to catch up on around the house. I have gotten caught up on laundry, finally returned overdue library books, picked up packages from the post office, and checked my piled up email.

I am hoping to find some sort of balance in my life. I want to be productive and 100% while at work, but lately work has been spilling over into my personal life time. I must have a decent and fulfilling social life… period. There are way too many cool events in Nashville to not try to attend most of them. 🙂 Football is a huge part of my life as well. Every weekend until bye week is spent on traveling to a NFL game. I love it, it is my greatest hobby and all else may be sacrificed due to football season.

I am looking forward to the fall and my 31st year on this earth. I look forward to discovering new things and cooking much, much more this year.

Enjoy your long weekend.


–Country Chic Chronicles



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