Snowy Saturday

We finally are getting some snow in Nashville, and I love it. I can relax on a Saturday while sipping on mimosas. Best snow day ever!!

Fun Happenings:


1. Going to attend my first Food and Wine Festival in April in Austin, TX. I am excited even though some of the reviews about the crowds haven’t been so hot. Regardless of the reviews, I plan to look on the bright side and make the most of this trip. I am IN love with the city of Austin. Hopefully I can get some of my girlfriends from Houston to drive up for the weekend.


2. Spring Break trip to Florida. I am trying out a new spot that I haven’t been to yet. Panama City Beach… The beaches look lovely and it will be great down time. Laying out on white sand beaches is right up my alley after a long semester at work.


3. Spring Break trip to New Orleans. Mostly because I miss good cajun food and especially the crawfish. I got a ok deal on the hotel at Embassy Suites. I am a sucker for their free breakfast and manager special- free cocktails. The hotel also has a pool, so laying out is on my agenda…. that and drinking. The hotel is also farther away from Bourbon Street so I won’t have to deal with the loud drunks and such.

What are your Spring Break plans? Any foodie recommendations for these three cities?

-Country Chic Chronicles


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