Craft Brewed: awesome beers to-go

Nashville is slowly becoming a great city for good craft beers. Not only are you able to find a diverse amount of draft craft beers on tap at our local Flying Saucer and Yazoo, but you can also take your favorite craft beers home with you. Hopefully, it will be cheaper, since the beer tax bill was passed a few weeks ago.


A newcomer to the craft beer scene is Craft Brewed

on 8th Avenue South/Franklin Pike. I am used to driving pass this location often since it is down the road from my 8-3. I finally had the opportunity to stop by one day after work.


I was very impressed with the layout of the store/bar. Due to Tennessee law, the high gravity beers are on a separate side than the other collection of beers. I was quickly informed of this as I was browsing.


The workers were polite and very helpful. They didn’t rush me or force me into any purchases. I did tell the, that I loved hoppy beers and they looked at me oddly…. Lol, probably because I picked Ranger IPA.


It didn’t take me long to settle on 4 types of IPAs. I had to have the Andygator. I tried it while in New Orleans and fell in LOVE.


Another huge perk of trying out Craft Brewed is that they had a Scoutmob offer for a free growler.

I am now a proud owner of a 64 oz growler.


I loved the place and look forward to returning for some of the tastings.

br />


Which beer would you try?

–Country Chic Chronicles<


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