Pedal Tavern Fun in Nashville

Looking for something cool to do with your friends in Nashville? How about drinking while exercising? Sounds like a win! Have you ever tried the new Nashville Pedal Tavern?


Recently to celebrate a friend’s birthday, a group of 16 friends went on the Nashville Pedal Tavern. I used to always see people doing it around Nashville and other cities and it looked like so much fun.


Our group selected the Broadway route for our drinking fun. There are actually two routes that you can pick. The “Broadway” route goes from the Tin Roof bar and travels to downtown Nashville where there are tons of “honky tonk” bars. The other route is the “Midtown” which goes to the cool college bars on Division St.


The whole route lasted around 2.5 hours and we stopped at several bars along the way. We were able to bring our own alcohol/beer aboard. It was a fun to drink and pedal.


I would rate this adventure a 10. I would love to do it again in the future. I would love to try the Midtown route the next time.


Interested in booking your own Pedal Tavern?
Call to book your crew at 615-390-5038
Check out their Facebook page

— Country Chic Chronicles

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