Yes, it’s now February… and it seems like a great time to solidify my resolutions for 2015. I’m sure that other people have long abandoned theirs already. šŸ™‚

This year has started out with a bang! No major worries or life hassles other than trying to save my liver from the many food and cocktail events that I attend weekly. This year I vow to just focus on my own happiness. I am in control of that one thing for a fact.

Here are some of my resolutions for 2015

1. Cook at home more (2x a week)- home cooked meals are my favorite!


2. Become more social- spending time with friends weekly makes the year fly by.

Whole Foods Market Grand Tasting Village Featuring MasterCardĀ® Grand Tasting Tents - Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival


3. Attend more Food & Wine Festivals- I attended the Austin Food & Wine Festival, Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, and the Music City Food & Wine Festival in 2014. The experience was life changing and a great reward for working hard throughout the year. I have my eye on attending the Charleston Wine & Food Festival in March. I also have my fingers crossed to attend the South Beach Food & Wine Festival in the upcoming weeks.

SOBEWFF 2015 Logo

4. Plan ahead- this is in general and for all things. Sometimes I am a last minute person and I want to strive to do better.

How’s you yearly planning going??

–Country Chic Chronicles

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