Generous Helpings & Beer Fests

Are you enjoying the amazing Nashville weather this month? I sure am!!! This past weekend, I had the chance to road trip to Chattanooga to attend the Chattanooga Craft Beer Festival. I normally don’t get the chance to venture around our neighboring city much, but I am that I did. This beer fest was organized by the fine fellas from Rhizome Productions that produce many of the popular beer festivals in Nashville (East Nashville Beer Festival & Brew at the Zoo).


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Weekend Ramblings

Don’t you hate it when you are sick and it is a lovely weekend? I haven’t been sick in over 8 months. I guess I am due for some runny nose and headaches. I am spending my morning nursing my cold in hopes that I feel better in time for the East Nashville Beer Festival Volunteer party tonight.

So, what do a girl do on a Saturday morning while in the midst of blowing her nose. Catch up on emails and magazine reading.


One bit of good news, I started a new partnership with OXO. I have a new giveaway with one of their products coming soon. Can’t wait!


East Nashville Beer Fest Recap

Saturday was an awesome day to drink beer. Well, everyday is a good day to drink beer. As I posted in my previous post, the East Nashville Beer Festival was held yesterday in East Park. I volunteered for the festival by pouring beer for Victory Brewery.

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Nashville Craft Beer Week

After spending the last several days in Houston, I am glad to be back in Nashville. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the sounds of country music. I was also greeted by the thoughts of the events that will occur this week in Nashville. Nashville is hosting a Craft Beer Week and as a lover of good beer, I am thrilled.

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