Craft Brewed: awesome beers to-go

Nashville is slowly becoming a great city for good craft beers. Not only are you able to find a diverse amount of draft craft beers on tap at our local Flying Saucer and Yazoo, but you can also take your favorite craft beers home with you. Hopefully, it will be cheaper, since the beer tax bill was passed a few weeks ago.


A newcomer to the craft beer scene is Craft Brewed

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Music City Brewer’s Fest Recap

On Saturday, I attended the Music City Brewer’s Fest as a volunteer for Green Flash Brewery and then met up with a group of fellow beer lovers later that day. I was blessed enough to not have to stand in long lines for beer and I was under a shaded tent until the sun went town. I learned how to barter beer for food with the other vendors. I tried the wonderful magic which is Jennie’s ice cream. I tried their Yazoo Sue and their mix on strawberry ice cream.

The volunteers working hard to prepare the cups and maps for the ticket holders.

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