April Showers….. or Shopping?

Happy April! The spring weather in Nashville hasn’t been very consistent lately, but I have enjoyed it thoroughly anyhow. Event season is heating up in Nashville. This week has been all about Nashville Fashion Week.


I can’t wait Continue reading

I wish, I wish, Wish List

Was there ever a winter this year? It seems like we went from Fall directly to Spring. Not that I am complaining at all, I love the warm weather. Matter of fact, I am enjoying looking out the window now. I just hope that everything is balanced within the world. Normally, Nashville experiences sometime of winter and this year we basically didn’t. I can’t believe it has been 80 degrees this week. What will the actual Summer bring? Constant 100 degree days and nights? Well ladies, let’s get pool ready now.

It seems like lately I have been sinking into the advertising sinkhole that magazines send us subscribers through. Every time I read one of my millions of magazines I either instantly get hungry and want food or want to buy the items that are shown…. I guess I am the marketing/pr person’s dream. Well just yesterday, Continue reading