Pedal Tavern Fun in Nashville

Looking for something cool to do with your friends in Nashville? How about drinking while exercising? Sounds like a win! Have you ever tried the new Nashville Pedal Tavern?


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Foodie Review: Happy Hour at Tavern

My bank isĀ  only in 2 locations in Nashville, so trips to the bank have to be mapped out. My bank is in the Vandy area so after I made my trip to the bank I decided to stop by Tavern for their 2-4-1 on Wednesday. The weather in Nashville has been so awesome.

I ordered off of the 2-4-1 menu and got a Amberboire. It has Stoli / Fever Tree bitter lemon soda / grapefruit in it. It was very good. My sister joined me for happy hour and she ordered the Pablo Honey. It had Luna Azul Tequila / blackberry & agave nectars in it. She liked it so much that she ordered two of them. I may have to try it next time.

I knew that if I was having cocktails that I needed some type of food. I am always craving good Ahi Tuna. I ordered that. She server said that it was in a really small portion, but it can out huge. She said that the chef was new and hooked me up. The pear salad rocked and the tuna was well worth the ‘market price” which ended up being $19.00. Gotta love ordering food and not knowing the price until you have finished eating.


Be sure to check out Tavern. I am looking forward to checking out their brunch pretty soon.


–Country Chic Chronicles